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Building Positive
Workplace Cultures


Culture is like the wind.
It is invisible, yet its effect
can be seen and felt.


Who We Are


Who we work with

We work in public and private sector organisations including finance, manufacturing, technology, government, development agencies and not-for profit.


What we're thinking


Positive workplace cultures are respectful, diverse, and engaging.

They result in increased productivity, improved morale, and greater collaboration.

And because they make for great places to work, they make it easier to attract and retain talent.

But they don’t happen by accident.

All too often, cultures can become negative, demotivating, and even toxic.

zuhra helps organisations build positive workplace cultures through their people.

When might you need our help?

  • Your business is underperforming, and you don’t know why.
  • It’s getting harder to keep good people.
  • You’re dealing with more and more staff complaints and HR issues.
  • The results of your latest staff engagement survey were a nasty surprise.
  • You don’t look forward to arriving at work each morning.

We’ll help you and your organisation to change and ensure that your values are lived in the workplace every day.

We combine experience in establishing positive cultures in global brands with expertise in the causes of – and remedies for – toxic cultures.


What we’re thinking

“We've used Susan's expertise for a number of years. She's helped our board and senior leadership team design our growth and organisation plans, and challenging people situations. Susan has a vast experience in HR/OD in people-centric businesses and is immensely useful as a sounding board, advisor, facilitator, and chair. I also work alongside Susan on a board (non-profit) and she provides calmness, leadership, structure and far sightedness there also.”

Chris Martin, CEO, Waracle Ltd