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Every organization
is unique.

Career Frameworks and Talent Management

We have expertise to build career frameworks that strengthen talent management. From principles to designing career paths and readiness criteria to developing talent brokers.

The World Bank Group won awards for its work on career development and talent management and has featured at the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) as well as the Corporate Executive Board.

Career Management is a top priority for CEOs and Boards. Career development is one of the top three areas for improvement identified in recent engagement surveys. Yet today’s careers fail employers and employees.

Three in four organisations will face capability shortages in the next 3-5 years.

Seven in ten employees are dissatisfied with future career opportunities at their organisation.

The traditional ‘promotion-based’ career framework was a ladder where opportunities for advancement were created by retirements or exits. Today, we need a ‘growth- based’ career culture, where individuals can move across the organisation to strength skills and experiences.

  • We design career for capability growth
  • We provide support for individuals to pursue growth based careers
  • We enable organisations to create a talent marketplace
  • We integrate career and talent management