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“Culture eats strategy for breakfast’

Peter Drucker


Culture and Engagement

We believe that corporate culture is key to successful performance for any organisation.

We help organisations measure their levels of culture quotient and employee engagement.

Our research and experience of working in global and local organisations shows that culture plus engagement drive performance.

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Culture and Engagement drive performance

The values of your organisation are measured and assessed for their impact and performance.

Our unique survey measures your ‘Culture Quotient’ and ‘Employee Engagement’ and identifies the key drivers that impact performance.

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Culture and Engagement are influenced by a range of different factors

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Impact and Performance Priority Grid

Through our robust survey analysis, we look at the performance levels in your organisation and identify the areas that will provide the maximum impact.

If you would like to raise your organisation’s performance and understand where you can target interventions for maximum impact, please get in touch.

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“Waracle’s growth throughout 2021 has been unprecedented. Susan Hetrick and Zuhra have been pivotal in providing Waracle support remotely and in person while scaling the business. Susan has given us the opportunity to discuss issues brought about by this growth and she has facilitated solutions to better structure the business, taking us from a “restructuring idea” to a restructured conclusion. Our staff are now fulfilling their potential in new roles to better suit the needs of the business and their own career development.

Additionally we’ve benefited from Susan’s experience in organisational development with regard to culture, strategy and vision and we’re continuing this relationship to develop our business and our team further.”

Angela Rieu-Clarke, HR Director, Waracle