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what we do

Culture is like the wind.
It is invisible, yet its effect can be seen and felt.

Building Positive Workplace Cultures

We help organisations build positive workplace cultures through their people.


Culture Consulting

Every organisation has a unique culture.

Healthy organizational cultures are respectful, diverse and engaging.

Yet sometimes, and in some places this is not the case.

We help you and your organization change and ensure that your values are lived in the workplace, everyday.

We listen to your challenges and your goals and measure your current workplace culture through the zuhra Culture Quotient™ survey.

Then we design a programme to address your unique challenges and help you implement it every step of the way, from individual issues to organizational blockers.


Our RESPECT framework builds, strengthens and sustains your positive workplace culture by

  • Realigning corporate values and measuring engagement, inclusion, and respect
  • Enabling psychological safety and supporting colleagues to speak up
  • Strengthening and enabling leadership to act as role models
  • Promoting and aligning HR policies and processes
  • Elevating wellbeing
  • Calling out toxic behaviours
  • Transforming career development and learning through a growth mindset
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Zuhra Culture Quotient™ (ZCQ)

The zuhra Culture Quotient™ (ZCQ) provides you with an in-depth assessment of your corporate culture. It does this by measuring how aligned your employees are to the corporate values. It measures leadership and values, and provides insights on how to strengthen your culture.

ZCQ shows how your people experience the corporate culture and the alignment with the strategy and values of the organization, it will highlight areas where you may experience reputational risk– and focus on the policies you need to fix.

We measure levels of toxicity (TQ) so that you can identify and fix these areas with targeted interventions.

With more than 30 years’ experience we focus on how your people policies and practices align to your current culture, and determine the changes required to achieve your aspired culture.

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Read our Thought Piece on why culture alignment is critical for an organization’s reputation and success, and the disastrous consequences of toxic cultures.

“In the post Covid 19 world, many of our staff are currently working from home. Some find this a positive experience, others say that they are being micromanaged or not trusted by their manager. We decided to survey our staff to understand the impact of the 'new normal' on our people.”