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Who we work with

We work in public and private sector organisations including finance, manufacturing, technology, government, development agencies and not-for profit.
case studies

Building a Competence Framework for a Professional Accountancy Body

A people strategy for growth at Thorntons Law

A new organisational structure for Waracle


Knowledge increases by sharing, not by hoarding

We have more than six decades of international HRM working with global organizations across more than 100 countries. Our clients include FTSE100 companies as well as international and public organizations.

“Our growth throughout 2021 has been unprecedented. Susan Hetrick and Zuhra have been pivotal in providing support remotely and in person while scaling the business. Susan has given us the opportunity to discuss issues brought about by this growth and she has facilitated solutions to better structure the business, taking us from a “restructuring idea” to a restructured conclusion. Our staff are now fulfilling their potential in new roles to better suit the needs of the business and their own career development.

Additionally we’ve benefited from Susan’s experience in organisational development with regard to culture, strategy and vision and we’re continuing this relationship to develop our business and our team further.”

HR Director